Sports Collaboration Engine

Developing bilateral ties through projects in sports

We are a sports marketing agency offering consulting and event services for sports entities, businesses, and athletes.
Focusing mainly on Russian and Qatari markets, QR Sports works globally to provide services where a client needs them.

Under the auspices of

Single window for the two markets

Effective single window for various Qatari and Russian sports stakeholders, with deep knowledge and high-level support in both markets

Expertise in sports

Expertise in sports and connections on all levels that allow us to identify and take advantage of Russian and Qatari market opportunities

Focused on delivering results

Delivering tangible results by utilizing combined efforts from event, cultural, media, investment and trade bodies of the Qatari-Russian Center for Cooperation


Sports Advisory
  • Strategic planning
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Sponsorship and partner sourcing and relationship building
  • Media rights sourcing, negotiation and marketing
  • Government support sourcing and relationship building
Marketing and Communications in Sports
  • Strategy development
  • Branding and design
  • Creative services
  • Brand activations in sports
  • Celebrity marketing
  • 360-degree promotional campaigns for sports Entities
  • Merchandising
  • Athlete marketing
Sports Events Organization and Production
  • Professional, amateur and corporate sports events
  • Turn-key sports events organization and production
  • Full-range of organization and arrangement
  • Logistics, hospitality sourcing and management
  • Arrangement and management of all auxiliary requirements

Mission & Values

Forge Qatari-Russian public and private sports partnerships to create economic, social, and sporting value for partners and clients


One-stop shop for cross-border partnerships and expansion


Dual market focus with deep knowledge and expertise


Professional results-oriented support with high-level access in both markets


Promotion of bilateral ties through sports marketing services


Ideating and facilitating collaborations between Qatari and Russian sports industry stakeholders as well as the sector at large, QR Sports offers value to its partners through its exclusive expertise and high-level access.

QR Sports is established as a part of QR Experience, LLC

Ekaterina Shcherbatenko

Managing Director, QR Experience

Kirill Lata

Head of QR Sports

Andrey Terekhov

Business Development Director, QR Experience

Ekaterina Shcherbatenko

CEO, QR Experience

Kirill Lata

Head of QR Sports

Andrey Terekhov

Business Development Director, QR Experience

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